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How we began?


Our Staff


PES Group, P.C. was started in 1989 by Salah Zoma, a dedicated electrical, mechanical and consulting engineer. Salah has over 30 years in the engineering business, and started the company with the purpose of providing quality engineering services to a variety of customers. Over the past sixteen years PES Group, P.C. has grown significantly and now retains some of Detroit's best business partners. Some of which include Detroit Water and Sewage Department, Detroit Wastewater Partners, Detroit Edison, and Tetra-Tech MPS. 


In 2002  PES Group, P.C. has made several changes to its operations in order to continue to provide its clients with the highest quality engineering services. The following is a bulleted list of changes that have happened in 2002 within the company.

  • PES Group, P.C. has begun the process of becoming ISO 9001-2000 certified and anticipates being certified 1st quarter 2003. 
  • With this certification PES Group, P.C. will be the only small engineering firm in Detroit to be ISO 9001-2000 certified. 
  • PES Group, P.C. has continued to grow its Energy Management force by adding two new managers in Ohio and Michigan.
  • PES Group, P.C. has hired a quality assurance/quality control individual who will head up the ISO 9001-2000 program. 
  • PES Group, P.C. has added two new mechanical engineers to assist in completing the increased volume of incoming work.



PES Group, P.C. is the only company nationwide to provide full staffing of Certified Professional Energy Managers. Our energy managers are located all over the country and have saved our clients millions of dollars in energy savings.

Employed at our office is a staff that is competent, aggressive and knowledgeable in the area of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.  PES Group, P.C. has an engineering staff that has ongoing educational backgrounds from all over the world. Our engineers have over 100 years of experience in more than ten different countries. 

  • PES Group, P.C. recognizes the importance, and value of its people. 
  • PES Group, P.C. strives to create a quality work environment for its people. 
  • PES Group, P.C. empowers its employees with all the necessary tools to achieve the highest quality of service for its customers.



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